Its hard,

To accept it.

And yet,

I do the same mistake everytime.

I accept it,

But expect more.

Its gonna make me hard,

Make me stubborn.

And still I run and run,

From it.

It feels good, to run.

But you reach it no matter what!

‘Cause ” it ” is like a circle.

‘It’ is ‘the truth’


First thing.

That place,

Where you forget all your stress.

That place,

Where you can’t wait to go,

When you need some peace and calm.

That place ,

Where you know if you go,

You will be alright.

That place,

Is your BED.

So make it clean.

And the first thing in the morning.

Good morning!!


What does experience brings?

It teaches us many things … in many ways

We always judge something or someone until we experience that situation.

We always complain until we experience others situation.

We always change the perceptions of things around us until we dont experience the things.

And there are many things….

But by the end of the day there is no such as good or bad experience.

Every event is an experience.


Every photo is a memory,

Either it is happy,

Or crappy.

Some call it throwback,

And others as candid.

I wonder it’s not about the name,

It’s about the memory.

And yeah,

Images speaks more than words.

Childhood .

Naive hearts…..

Sometimes when you see them and spend time,you get to forget all the burdens or pressures that you’re sensing or feeling and eventually you become child being with them. I wonder always that we can learn a lot from them ….like

Having stubborn minds in getting the things done.

Or like,

Showing infinite curiosity in learning new things.

Or, moving on from the failure and trying and trying the same thing until they succeed .

P.S : but yeah,sometimes they are very very irritable too…🙄


So, i just woke up at 5:00 am and i have done my morning rituals  routine( which are nothing but brushing up my teeth and writing my journal). And I started to ride to the gym on my bike. As i was riding the bike not consciously aware of what was happening around me, the path i was driving started to disappear of nowhere and the road to my destination had vanished and the background became white which looked like NOTHING. I  was wondered at the moment happening in front of me just to confirm it wasn’t a dream. IT’S NOT. the white background of NOTHING was the beautiful fog of the WINTER which brought me into conscious and made me to feel the moment ….

and that’s the beauty of winter which had to be FELT.


Books.I wonder when they became a part of my daily routine,they just did.

But in this journey(or in my experience) i have learned two things until now..

  • Every book is an experience of many things. it’s not just the pages filled with lot and lots of ink,but with experiences .
  • It’s not only the book that brings change, it’s all in the perspective of a person towards the book. ( I’m not just saying this, cause i have eventually known it.)

But the main experience was BOOKS MATTERS A LOT. 



Who moved my cheese?

Change happens!

Anticipate change!

Monitor change!

A group of old schoolmates meet for a dinner and talk about things and old memories .And the topic of conversation gets on to change to careers and the changes occurred eventually in their lives. The conversation becomes so serious when a student Michael explains a short story which makes everyone reflect themselves in that story.

The story goes on with four main characters. Two mice sniff and scurry, and two ‘ little people’ in size of mice. How these four characters adapt themselves to the change occur in their lives.

It’s a short story, which makes you to think how to adapt with the change.

It’s a short read and the language is very much apt for beginners.

A must read book…….


How lazy can a person be? How lazy are you😅 . The reason for laziness may be boredom,having no work to do or you had completed all the work (which isn’t true) what should someone do when they are struck with laziness or boredom.

1. They can play pubg

2. Watching Netflix

3. Watching some dumb and random stuff.

4. Watching porn.

5. Or just complaining that you are bored AF.

OR lets try to do this,

1. Write something beautiful like poetry,blogging or quora etc..

2. Learn something new skill.

3. Go and interact with people.

4. Or learn ways to speak a new language .

5. Or read a good book.

See and by the end of the day, you have the same no. Of options but the thing that makes the difference is that what 5 choices do you make. That makes you different .

That went too far. Because I’m too lazy right now and i had to make a choice. See you…

– Manish abburu. ❤❤

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