New book.

A new book added to my bookshelf.

Ikigai: the Japanese secret to a long and happy life.

Ikigai is a Japanese technique used from ancient which leads to a longer and more simpler life.

The people of Okinawa have been using this technique since ancient times and the research shows that the men and women of Okinawa live much much longer and happier life than others.

So, what’s with this ikigai.

Digging in…




Mother is the first touch when you were born.

Mother is the first teacher when you were child.

Mother is the first love you’ve got.

Mother is the first reason for your happiness.

Mother is the first person to suffer, If you suffer.

Mother is not a person, mother is nature.

I dont know if god is everywhere, but mother is.

Asuran(Tamil) movie review.

Cast: The movie asuran is a tamil movie starring Dhanush and manju warrier as main leads. The movie is directed by Vetrimaaran.

Story: The story of asuran revolves around the caste politics, land grabbings happened in the areas of 1960’s to 1980’s. Sivasaami’s(dhanush’s) family is considered to be as low caste and the rival’s(aadukalam naren) family is considered to be upper caste family. In first half, Sivasaami ( dhanush) portrays as a farmer who leads a normal life with a wife(manju warrier) and three children. Due to some disputes of land grabbings and caste politics sivasaami’s elder son Murugan goes against the rivals and gets killed by them. Against this hard shock, his family tries to heal themselves in time and everything seems to becoming normal until when the younger son chindambaram commits a crime of killing the rival(aadukalem naren). To protect his family against the crime, sivasaami and his family splits into two to protect themselves and in the meanwhile, and the rivals go on a search for him and try to attack his younger son. That naive and calm sivasaami now turns into a furious and outraged person to protect his child. Ah! A real father he is. And here comes the intermission.

Who knows that the composed and tranquil father had a dark past.

In second half, we go through the past of sivasaami’s youth where he brews liquor in his village and he is happy with what he has and the life was going easy until when again the disputes of land grabbings he goes through a lot and it should be seen on screen because it’s the body of the whole movie.

Coming to his present life, how sivasaami protects his younger child as a father is the whole story.

This movie is dark, revenge, riveting drama. Overall, the movie asuran is a must watch.

My review : 4.5/5.

The world is changing.

The world is changing very fast, at every blink of our eye. Some eat shit today and make millions tomorrow.

Let’s say,

From this…

To this …

1 tb hard drive.

Everything’s changing, so do you.

You will not be the same you that you are today after 10 years, will you? There are many things tand hat change. Many people come into your life. Your besties back then in college become strangers and the strangers become one of the most important person in your life.

It’s better not to expect life and question yourself, because questioning is the root of intelligence.

We choose bad.

Have you ever wondered that the bad things around us are so attractive?. Yet, we choose them anyway like I just choose to watch youtube over writing the blog and felt like shit. There are many things going around us as you observe in which we always choose easy things.

Right things are not easy, the things which are easy are not right.

I mean, just observe…

  1. We often choose this..


Over this,


Good things always seem hard to do and dirty, whereas bad things are always easy and fancy.

2. We do this.


instead of this,


Because good things need struggle, bad things don’t.

We want everything fast and society expects us to show the fast results and Good things take time, bad things give instant results.



This is an oyster. According to an indian fable, when it rains a raindrop falls into an oyster it becomes a pearl. When a drop falls into them, quickly the oysters close their shells and dive down to the bottom of the sea, there to patiently develop the drop into the pearl. We should be like that. First hear, then understand, and then, leaving all distractions, shut your minds to outside influences, and devote yourselves to developing the truth within you.


One by one,

Thoughts came up in my mind.

I tried to,

keep them calm and aligned.

swinging here and there,

wondering how to stop.



The lessons that I learnt recently.


  1. There is no perfect time: Before starting something, I’d always think that everything needs to be perfect and would end up not doing that because of which I lost self-confidence and felt like crap. So, the key is no matter how small it is start something which you’ve always wanted to. New opportunities, come their way.

When you focus on problems, you will have more problems. When you focus on possibilities, you will have more oppurtunities.

2. Nobody gives a shit: There was a point of time where I felt that my friends will help me to achieve what I want and I would feel happy in my comfort zone with my friends until when I realized that nobody gives a shit about your problems. They are thinking about their own problems.

3. Your happiness is your first priority: I read a point in the book “the subtle art of not giving a fuck” which made a huge impact. It goes something like this.

Happiness requires struggle. The solution lies in the acceptance and active engagement of that negative experience-not the avoidance of it, not the salvation of it.

Accept yourself and admit who you are.

4. Don’t be an emotional fool:

Just something feels good, doesn’t make it good.

Don’t take long term decisions based on short term emotions. Today you may like something and tomorrow you will like something. I faced it a lot. Instead figure something out by going deep into it and then take a decision. Don’t try to overdo things. Do one thing at a time.

These are the things which I have learnt recently. Hope a lot to learn.

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